Real Racism

Margaret Sanger was an admitted racist. She created Planned Parenthood with the sole purpose of eliminating the African-American race. That is real racism. That is the ultimate picture of racism.

Planned Parenthood is racist. They may not openly admt to it, but most of their abortion clinics are in black communities. Sorta same-same. Based on this, I am going to take a real risk, and say that Planned Parenthood is racist.

I will also really take a giant step out there and say that those who provide political and financial support to Planned Parenthood support racism, even if they aren’t racist. I mean, they are supporting the inhalation of all black people. Maybe they are trying to claim ignorance.

Now. Stop and think. Who are those who support Planned Parenthood. I suppose right at the top…Democrat party. Virtually every democrat senator, most democrat representatives, perhaps all. Certainly Joe is one of their biggest cheerleaders.

Maybe, if you try really hard, you just might think of a few.

By the way. I don’t support Planned Parenthood. I find Sanger’s ideas appalling. It is not just wrong; it is non-Christian; and un-American.

Perhaps, you’re one of those that, now being enlightened, that will pull any and all support from Planned Parenthood, both direct and indirect. Besides the Democrat party, there are a few charities, labor unions, and other organizations that contribute to them.

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