Not All Things Are Static

Contrary to the concepts and beliefs of some folks, the world is far from static.  If something is changed here, then it will result in changes there and maybe there too.

The dems believe they can increase revenue by increasing taxes.  The fact is, it can actually have the reverse effect.  After all, who is going to work harder if their extra pay will go to Uncle Sam?  I’ve heard, though it was not confirmed, that Elvis Presley limited the movies he did each year because he was tired of so much of his income going to taxes.  Don’t know if it is true, but it seems believable.  On the other hand, he might not have wanted to do any more movies.  Then again, he might have run out of plots or leading ladies.

The truth is that the dems are well aware that raising taxes does not always increase revenue.  It’s just in their blood.  They take the podium and, by their nature, they just insist it has to be done usually for the children.  One thing we do know, large amounts of taxation does stifle production, especially internally.

If you doubt this, consider what might happen if taxation were 100%.  It would totally bring the economy to a grinding halt.  Nothing would get done.  Farmers wouldn’t farm, bakers wouldn’t bake and it would be impossible to hale a taxi.

Now, I’m going to apply the static concept to something else, perhaps a little more touchy.  If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times.  Even conservatives say that exceptions should be made for rape or incest.  I don’t like the idea.  I find killing any innocent child unthinkable.  But it’s worse.

As I said, the world is not static.  The woman wants an abortion, no problem.  She says my uncle raped me.  Or she says she was raped but she has no idea who it was or it was the man down the street that she doesn’t like.

Immediately, this causes at least two problems.  Innocent people become accused, perhaps convicted.  Moreover, police and court resources are used where there was no crime.

I have heard the argument against this idea.  No woman would ever do anything like that.  Hogwash.  Even today, men are falsely accused of sexual assault and rape.  This is without the additional incentive of a woman ridding herself of an unwanted burden.

It would divert needed resources away from real rapes and assaults.  Worse, it would weaken the case of women who have actually been raped.  The question in court would always come up, “Are you accusing this man because he raped you or because you want an abortion?”

To be sure, there are also legal problems.  Just when and who decides there was a rape?  Does the woman immediately get the abortion or does she have to wait until the case is proven in court.  If she has to wait, the baby just might be carried to term before the trial is over.

Finally, it can devastate the already weakened families.  Men, fathers, uncles or even brothers will have to guard themselves from ever being alone with a young lady.  Do we really want to expose our family life to such things?  Is this what we really want?

Such things might only happen one out of a thousand times.  If you were the relative, if you were the friend of the family, would you ever want to be charged with such a thing, even if you managed to prove your innocence?

The fact is, when you make such laws, they need to be thought completely through.

Is rape and incest bad?  Of course it is.  Personally, I feel men convicted of such things ought to be hung by their toes till dead.  Just my own personal opinion.  But not all fixes are good.  Sometimes, they are worse than the problem.

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