Self-defense Is Complicated

Young Rittenhouse stood with his AR15, hoping that it would discourage illegal rioters from overrunning and destroying private property. Little did he know he was about to receive a crash course on the subject of self-defense, as well as real lesson in human psychology.

It was only a matter seconds before he realized that there are people who have the stupidity to attack a person armed with a rifle without rhyme, reason or intelligence. Actually, we all were all addressed with that realization.

He turned, ran, and when provoked shot in fear for his life. Then, for nearly a year, became an expert at the law concerning protecting one’s self whilst under attack by a mob.

First and foremost, the the law varies dramatically from state to state. Secondly, none of the states laws are simple. Thirdly, much of it depends on who the district attorney is. If the DA doesn’t like guns, you just might want to carry a heavy frying pan with you on your walks. Even when you are totally within the law, you just might lose all of your personal fortune and a year or two out of your life proving it. In the end, you might still lose. You might still go to prison as a truly innocent person.

The above was prompted by a class I took for a permit to carry. I came away from the course realizing I should have taken the course a long time ago. I also realize it was a good thing I moved from Tennessee to Mississippi. Tennessee has no stand your ground law. It discourages me from visiting our friends north of us.

And by the way, if you use that frying pan to hit some worthless attacker over the head, you better hit him as hard as you can. If he survives, you just might very well pay for his support for the rest of his life, & maybe a tad more.

I have a bad ankle. Sometimes when I go on walks, I carry a cane. As near as I can figure, if someone comes after me with a knife, I’d better use my cane on the man rather than my gun. Also, should I show the gun in an attempt to avoid the conflict; that is brandishing, which is against the law. I could go to jail for that.

It is why I encourage everyone to take the course, even if they don’t plan on ever buying even a slingshot. As I say. Self-defense is complicated. It’s not always common sense. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t even make sense.

By the way, if someone comes after me with a knife and I have a cane, I can and will use my cane.

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