Infinity Boggles the Mind

Even as a youngster, before anyone brought up the subject of infinity, I had thoughts on the subject. Consider, if we go to the edge of space, where there is a sign, “Space ends here,” just what is it that we find on the other side of the edge? Is there a barrier? If so, what is it that is on the other side of the barrier?

Then, in the eleventh grade, I took geometry. This is where I leaned the definitions of a line and a ray. The ray has an origin (where it begins) and it extends out into infinity. That is to say, it has but one end. The other so-called end does not exist. Now the line is twice as bad, or so to speak, twice as long. It has a starting point somewhere out in infinity, passes through our locale, and then goes out into infinity the other way.

Tell me how that makes sense. We as humans quickly learn that everything has a beginning and an end. If a line is infinitely long, it doesn’t begin, nor end does it end. If we measure a ray in feet, or light-years, it has an infinite number of both. Figure that out. And, by the way, it only stands to reason that a line has twice as many of both feet and light-years.

However, if we double infinity, what is the product of the multiplication. (2 X Infinity = four times the confusion)

As I say, it bogles the mind. We simply cannot understand it. This side of our mortality, we never will, though there have been two or three who have tried in to explain it. I really do wish I could comprehend it. I wish I could begin to come to terms with it.

Such is the consideration of the question of the origin of God. If He did have a beginning, what was before him. I have come to the conclusion; He is as a line. He has no origin. He always was and he will always be. I cannot comprehend it. I will not try to understand it. Maybe, when we are face-to-face, He will explain it to me. I’m not sure. I might not be able to understand it then. (I hope so. It really bothers me.)

On the other hand, I am as the ray. I have an origin, a time and place where I began. I will continue to infinity, however long that is. At my physical death, it will just be a transition.

Perhaps, where we go wrong is that time and distance only exist with man. I don’t know. I am absolutely afraid to speculate beyond that. However, if we are going to live forever, time will mean little or nothing to us. I mean, after one day ends and the next begins, I will have no less days to live than before.

No matter what infinity is, I am sure I would much rather spend it with God then in the place called hell. The worst place about hell is that there is no end, no hope. In truth, it is as the ray. For those who go there, it will have a beginning, but not end. If one day should end, those who will go to hell will have another day just as the previous.

In the case of Biden, if he does not accept Jesus as his savior, it is going to be particularly bad for him. He has caused the deaths of thousands. Obama has caused the deaths of millions. Of all those still alive, they have particularly strong reasons to seek salvation. Just going to Church will not help them. Just being Catholic will not save them. As with all others, they must admit their sins. That is the first step in salvation. They must admit that they cannot do anything to save themselves. They simply don’t have the power. Finally, they must put their faith in Jesus Christ as their only savior. Anything less, and they will find out the meaning of eternity.

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