A Title Wave

As Biden started opening up the border, I tried so hard to think of a good analogy. Well, maybe I have one. I do find it interesting that he shut out all the folks on flight from outside the US without a test and quarantine while he permits all the illegals to flow in without concern.

It did remind me of a man who just shut off the facet valve while ignoring the tidal wave on the way. I mean it is a good thing to shut off the valve. He cuts down on water usage and it does decrease the water flow into the area somewhat. However, he just might wished he had built a big sea wall before that tidal wave hit.

Now, you see he turned off the spigot at the airports, cutting off the trickle. On the other hand, he has ignored the border allowing the onslaught of the wave of sick sick aliens. When all is said and done, there just might be a few folks asking him why he did that…especially when the covid19 spreads throughout the country from the border you left insecure — intentionally. I mean isn’t he the one who was going to solve the virus problem?

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