It’s for the Kids?

I have heard the plea a thousand times. Okay. I exaggerate a tad. Just nine hundred. “It’s for the kids.” By the way, when you hear that, it’s time to grab hold your wallet. They are after your money, the end of which has little if anything to do with the kids.

In this case however, it is a little different. It really is for the sake of the kids. It is time for them to go back to school. Unfortunately, what they are saying this time is, ” Ignore the kids; it’s for the teachers. So the teachers and the kids stay home and, by the way, they are still paying the teachers. I can’t figure what side of it Biden is on, the side of the teacher unions. I don’t think that that press secretary of his can figure it out either.

Tell me how that benefits the kids.

Maybe we should close the education unions and open the schools.

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