I Don’t Understand It

All those “go green” folks insisted on closing the pipeline. And so it is. Biden did it with the stroke of the pen.

However, take note, the oil is still shipped. It is shipped by truck, by train and by ship. Nothing is different. They never stopped one drop from going anywhere. Worse, some of those trucks will be in accidents. Occasionally, even the trains have derailments. (boy do they have derailments and people suffer for miles around.) Moreover, by shipping the old way, far more energy is consumed in moving it. The pipeline would have been far safer.

I have to assume it was never about green. Obviously something else is involved.

I suppose it might have been about Trump. Biden might have shut the pipeline down just to spite Trump. Now that would be a really good reason to put thousands of people out of work in the middle of a downturn in employment.

At least he could have thought it through. Just maybe he could have found jobs for the men working on the pipeline before he shut the thing down. Then again, that would make sense. Can’t expect him to think about things like that. Bottom line, I think he has made a few enemies and I don’t think they will forget it either. When people go from a 100-200 thousand dollar incomes to going on food stamps, they have a tendency to remember such things.

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