Selectve Concern

Joe’s press secretary just brought to mind that 14 thousand died from guns in one year. That’s horrible. One is too many.

Yet they ignore the 70,000 that die from drugs. Maybe it is because of the dems open borders. Maybe it is because of Joe’s close relationship with China. For the life of me, I don’t understand why, but he also seems to be friendly with the cartels and drug smugglers. Maybe it is his hope to rid the nation of drug addiction by killing all drug addicts.

I like the idea of cutting down on addicts but I certainly didn’t approve of his methods. I also dislike his misplaced concerns. If we look closely at the deaths by gun, we’d likely find at least a third drug related. Seems to me, if we stop drug abuse, we’ll also cut down on gun deaths. Also, we’ll cut down on robbery, knife assaults, child abuse and wife beatings.

Better to treat the real problems more than the symptoms.

BUILD THE WALL!! NOW! Fix the illegal alien proplem, the drug problems and the crime problems. The gun problem mostly will go away… all by itself. Generally, law bidding citizens rarely shoot people without a good reason.

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