Unbelievable News Story of the Day

Just heard an update to a shooting that occurred a couple days ago in Memphis (Whitehaven area). According to the news story, a customer “pistol whipped” a Popeye’s employee and the employee responded by shooting the customer.

Here is the unbelievable part. According to the report, it all started over condiments. Tell me that makes sense. Is this the way two people should treat each other? Are condiments in such shortage that we need to attack employees over them?

They didn’t give any details beyond that but let me use a little imagination. It doesn’t take much. I have seen customers helping themselves to packets of ketchup by the handful. I suspect over half of it went home to enhance the customer’s pantry. That does not take a stretch of imagination.

Regardless, the employee is the representative of the owner. As such, he is the authority. If he says don’t do that then don’t do it. You don’t get to assault him or her. Not only is it wrong, it is against the law. But in this case, it is also stupid.

As an aside, as a former employee of a restaurant, I am somewhat knowledgeable about them. In general, the restaurant profit margins are some of the smallest. Moreover, those ketchup packages are expensive. When one customer walks away with an abundance, the restaurant must raise their prices. Hence the rest of us pay for the thievery. Incidentally, robbery, no matter how petty, is still wrong.

It has become a fact of recent society to take whats possible and if an employee stands in the way…. As I have said many times, it’s time to teach respect in our homes and schools. This means respect for humanity, for law enforcement and, yes for those that work hard to provide our meals for us. It’s time we stop taking their hard work for granted.

I don’t know how bad the assault by the customer was, but it is possible that lethal force was justified, especially if there is any evidence that the assault would continue. I am not totally saying he or she was right in retaliation. However, to some degree, I do understand it.

But really? Over a handful or two, maybe three? What has our society come to? What matter of hate must fill the hearts of people that they consider the life of another so little?

One more small point. If the customer disliked the restaurant so much, he should have just left. Far better for everyone.

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