The Work is Great (if you can get it)

I just became aware of one way that Joe made his fortune. He provided 12 lectures at a college for which he received 900 grand. There are but 3 questions that come to mind.

  1. what kind of lecture might possibly be worth that kind of money.
  2. can anyone produce the cliff notes on the lecture. Was it anything other than rambling jiberish.
  3. I would like to known if there is so much as one person who is willing to admit to attending the lecture.
  4. oh one more. Can anyone point out so much as one thing worthwhile they learned from his lecture, that is besides how dumb the man is.

It is but one example of lefthanded bribery, not only for Joe but for politicians in general, on both sides of the isle. You want to know who…look at those who earn beyond their salary.

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