Long Range E.V.s

As I have a minor interst in electric vehicles, I generally try to keep an eye on them, especially concerning their range. As near as I can tell, none have a range of more than 500 or so miles between changes. Most are limited to 300 to 350.

Now, to my surprise, I hear Representative Debbie Stabenow bought a new E. V. and drove it from Michigan to D. C. , waving as she passed the gas stations.

Now, considering that is about 700 or so miles, that really surprised me. I didn’t know any E. V. has anywhere near that range.

Then, maybe, and I do mean maybe, she was being followed by a pickup carrying a heavy duty generator. On the other hand, she could have driven straight through, though if I did it, I’d be so stiff I’d need help getting out of the car.

Oh, there I go assuming things again. The car might have very comfortable seats in it. Still, that is a very long time to sit behind the wheel at one time me.

I simply have no idea why she didn’t take a plane, which would take far less time. Better yet, it would be more green to take the bus. That way she could do some paperwork on the way.

Regardless, I’m glad she can afford the E. V. Conveniently, she will not pay the road tax charges, which the rest of us pay when we fill up at the pump.

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