She Failed

She knew almost a week in advance but took absolutely no precautions.

She was told two days beforehand but never even suggested any preparation.

Help was offered and she flat turned it down.

Pelosi was the sole person responsible for the security of the Capitol Building and she never put anyone on alert. She never asked for the National Guard to wait in the wings in case they are needed.

She failed her responsibility and immediately started pointing to others, especially her primary political enemy, the current president. Only President Trump was not responsible for security of the building. Pelosi was and is.

She took the position that all dems do, she said, “It wasn’t my fault,” but it was. She and she alone had the authority and responsibility and no one could legally remove it from her.

So, now she puts on this big facade of a show with the sole purpose of blaming another. For anyone who truly understands authority and responsibility, that won’t work.

It appears to me, the one person who failed her responsibility will never have to answer for it. She will never have to explain her ineptitude, leastways, not until January when a republican will take the gavel. Then again, she just may decide to take some of her ill gotten gains and vacation in parts unknown.

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