Good News for Joe

The DOW Jones is almost back down under 30 thousand. Murder and crime in general is well on its way to set more and newer records. Illegal immigration is totally out of control and it will soon get far worse. Oil is now well over $100 a barrel and going up. It’s all just the way he and the FOCs planned it.

Well, there’s one thing he might not like so much. In about 6 months, many of his friends and cohorts will be looking for other jobs. And let’s face it. There will only be so many openings with the the mainstream media.

More importantly, many of the stupid things he has done will be investigated and investigated some more. Who knows? We might even get to see Fauci in an orange jumpsuit.

As for Joe’s future. It won’t make much matter if he goes to prison. He likely won’t know anyway.

On the other hand his son and brother might not find it so pleasant behind the big walls.

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