Is the Self-Defense Really Settled?

I’m not even sure how log ago it was when a young man successfully defended himself. We know it was self-defense because it was settled in court. …or was it?

In the first place, it will never be the same for Rittenhouse? It has changed his life forever. Those who he encounters will always look at him differently.

To be sure, people will always look at self-defense differently. Rittenhouse acted legally. It was clear from the start the prosecuting attorneys tried to make an example of the man, instead of trying to make examples of those who were rioting that night.

I had considered getting a gun to protect my home after an armed break in. I looked through the internet and found some enlightening things. Maybe Rittenhouse would have done things differently had he done the same, not that I am suggesting he did anything wrong.

It just is that we live in a world that is often times upside down. If you shoot an armed intruder, you just might be charged regardless of how right you are. It depends very much on the prosecutor, as in Rittenhouse’s case. If you look through the internet a while, you will see what I mean.

I found one remark especially thoughtful. Loosely he wrote, Shoot a man charging at you twice in the chest, you will likely be OK. If he keeps coming at you and you shoot him again… this time between the eyes… it is no longer self-defense but execution, which, by the way is not legal.

It tells me you might be better off using a shotgun. I don’t much like the idea, but the prosecutors just might be pushing us into it. Most often, if you shoot someone in the middle of the chest with a 12 gauge, he’s going to stop in his tracks regardless of what kind of drugs are in his circulatory system. It does have another advantage. Most people in their right mind, when they see the shot gun, will decide there was somewhere else they needed to be.

Nonetheless, I write this to warn you all. It might be legal to shoot that gun in self-defense. However, in many cases you will need to go to court to prove it was self-defense. It is a good idea to remember that many prosecutors are FOCs (Friends of the Criminals)

Just a word to wise. I am sure, at this point, Rittenhouse would concur with this advice.

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