Biden’s One Very Smart Decision

Right out of the gate, Joe made one very bad decision after the next. Among the many other things, he opened the border and closed shut down the oil industry. However, maybe his smartest decision was made before he took office.

At the time I thought it was dumb, but the more I think it over, it was wise. By selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate, he insured that they would make him immune to the 25th amendment. No one in their right mind would want Kamala in the oval office. Can you imagine listing to her cackle most every day.

So, at least for the first two years, he’s safe. On the other hand, with a republican speaker, it is plausible to talk them both into resigning. Then, we would have a republican congress and president.

It is not impossible. The dems came very close when they attacked Agnew and then Nixon. Before the middle of his second term, we had a man in the oval office that was not elected. They might not have put a dem in office, but it was the next thing to it. Being as he was not elected, he had little or no mandate.

If the dems can do it, why can’t the republicans?

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