Dumber Than Dirt, Figuratively

I like Jen Psaki. I do. I have the feeling that we could actually carry on a reasonable conversation face to face. Moreover, I realize that her job is to protect her brainless boss. However, this time she just went over the line.

When asked if starting up the pipeline would help relieve the oil shortage faster than going green, she calmly replied, “No.”

Now, let’s see. The pipeline would relieve the oil shortage in what? 4 or 5 months. Going green? Maybe 30; maybe 40 years. Possibly never.

That either makes her dumber than dirt or a person who tells big fat ones. I prefer to think she’s lying. If not that makes the woman less intelligent than the pet rocks I spoke of in an earlier post.

Then again, she just might prefer to pay for Putin’s war by buying oil that pollutes far far more than Canadian oil. Might it be possible that she, her boss and her friends are far more friendly with the Russians than they accused of President Trump.

Then again, it just might be all of the above.

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