Where the Money Is

I don’t know how true it is, but I was told that when Willie Sutton was asked why he held up banks, he replied, “That’s where the money is. “

Recently, I heard a commercial on TV that somewhat reminded me of the Sutton quote. Though the lawyer was approaching it from a more legal approach, I found many similarities. Still it seemed just as selfish.

I the commercial, he assured his potential clients that there was no need to feel sorry about those he would sue. “We only go after those who are insured or have plenty of money. “

Now let me see. That does seem to be parallel to Sutton`s idea. I mean, if you expect the lawyer to represent you, you need to make sure you are going after someone with deep pockets. If you are going to go after some little guy like me, you will need to find another mouthpiece.

Then again, it does sort-of make sense. I mean, if the lawyer’s fee will be 40%, why in the world would he have any desire to go after someone who has little more than pocket change and without insurance. I mean 40% of nothing is still nothing. Leastways, that was the way it was last time I checked.

It does make a person wonder why the commercial. Apparently, the lawyer realized it too. It was the last time I saw the ad.

Well, at least you need credit the guy for truth in advertising.

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