Equal Justice for All… NOT

I knew if they kept serving subpoenas and such they would get it right.

Now let me see, who was that one associated with the fast and furious? You know, the one about giving guns to the criminal types south of the border. It doesn’t matter. He was a democrat and the attorney general besides. He ignored it and nothing happened.

Seems to me that while the Republicans had the majority in the house, there were papers served on a number of Obama’s men. Yeah. That is right. They ignored them. They said, “So what.” They ignored them. Nothing happened.

Now they issue papers to Bannon and the next thing he knows, he finds himself in court.

Now could it be that they finally figured out how it is supposed to work? I think not. It think it is because Bannon is a Republican. I think it is because he was associated with President Trump. I think it is because they want to make sure they make sure no one will ever want to be associated with the former president.

That is the worst kind of justice. That is what is called banana republic justice.

It doesn’t surprise me at all. The FOCs would love to turn the US into Venezuela and the faster the better for them. Perhaps they want to do that before the next election so that well, just maybe we won’t be able to reverse it.

It would so us well to remember, every time we relinquish a freedom, we must fight to get it back. The government, namely the FOCs will not give it back to us. They will hold onto those freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for. We should not sell them. Certainly we should not give them away. If we do, we will most certainly regret it.

Of the benefits given to us was equal justice. Now I see it slipping away, not slowly but oh so quickly and so few care. Even fewer try to do anything about it.

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