Apologies ?

Joe had some bad things to say about Rittenhouse without any proof to back up his words. I wonder if he will have any apologies when he finds out he was totally wrong.

I suspect not. It’s why I call him Joe. He certainly didn’t do anything to deserve to be called president. He was never elected. The FOCs and media pulled and pushed him across the finish line.

Then one day, his wife told him, “Guess what, Joe. You have just been elected president.”

Then Joe asked, “President of what. “

[What happened to the concept of the executive branch reserving judgment until after the verdict? Oh yes. I remember. Obama set the pattern when he improperly and wrongly accused those police officers of behaving stupidly, when they were doing their job properly. ]

It’s not a good practice for a president to jump to judgment. By the way, if my memory serves me correctly, I don’t think Obama apologized to those police officers either. It seems to be a pattern for FOC types. Four years they tried to find something on President Trump and never did. Yet, not one FOC offered an apology. Not one admitted to being wrong.

If the pattern holds true, none will this time either.

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