Me Thinks Someone Turned on the Part C Spigot

I can’t remember exactly when it is that we started being able to change our Medicare options, but I am pretty sure the insurance companies know. The ads started and they don’t stop; one ad after the next. If I hear, “It’s free,” two more times I will go nuts. I hear the ad on one channel. I change channels and it is over there too.

It would seem to me that one and all is trying to convince me that theirs is the best. One thing I do know. Those that display the ol’ AARP logo can forget it. I will never have anything to do with that outfit after they backed Obama care. That stunt cost me 30,000 dollars, maybe more.

I have my Medicare set up as well as my wife’s. Since then, though I have had several doctor visits and a couple of hospital visits. I haven’t been billed for one of them. All I do is check the EOBs to make sure no one is charging for something I didn’t get. On the other hand, my wife has had to pay a little. Even so, she has had a cataract surgery and will have another without us having to pay a dime.

I don’t think I like that plan C. I have the sneaky suspicion those outfits are trying to separate me from what little retirement I have and I don’t like that. My spidy senses tell me, they more they advertise, the more money is at stake, my money.

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