I Am the Expert

I know. There are those who doubt but let me explain the claim I have on my expertise. I once stopped in Hawaii on the way to Japan. That makes me an expert on Hawaii. I had a layover for 6 hours in New York City on the way to Syracuse. That makes me an expert on New York. I spent a couple of weeks in Atlanta. I am really and expert on that city. There are a number of other places I visited by landing and taking off from their airports. Now I am an expert on them all.

I know. You are having a hard time understanding that I am an expert on all those places because I spent a few hours there. If you have a hard time believing my expertise on these places, then why in the world would you believe that Kamala and Joe are experts about the border, given the time they spent there?

Seems to me that Joe never spent an hour there. Kamala believes her expertise is from a ‘near touch’.

The fact is, I am not an expert on any of the above and neither are Joe or Kamala. In fact, the two of them avoid the subject of the border like the plague. And why shouldn’t they. Every time they open their mouth on the subject, they only expose their ignorance.

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