Air, Water, Food

I’m not much of a survivalist. I do my hunting and fishing at the supermarket.

Actually, at one time, it wasn’t that difficult. Nowadays, we can buy our food at the market. It means we don’t have to plow, weed or water. It means we don’t have to go in search of animals and when we find one, we don’t have to hope he doesn’t get away. Neither do we need to raise cattle or sheep and hope they don’t get wiped out by weather, disease or wild animals. Moreover, we don’t have to butcher the animal, which is something I don’t know if I can even do.

On the other hand, we do have to pay for water. In the old days, we just went to the stream or well and scooped it up. There was no charge. Seems odd, nowadays, people actually pay for it in bottles. Even more, they usually imply that it comes from a clear mountain stream.

Nonetheless, air, water and food are still our basic essentials. If we have no food, we might live for a week or so. If we have no water, maybe three days, depending on the weather. Without air, we might survive a little more than a minute. Yet, we take all three elements for granted. For air, we need only to breath. Conceivably, we still might be able to go down to a stream. Most of us are as close as the nearest tap. As such, we generally are a little wasteful.

Food is entirely different. Unless we raise our own food, we must normally resort to going to the store. Hunting has become somewhat impractical. Even those who do hunt cannot support themselves on the legal limits put on us. There is no way a family can survive on a few fish, a couple of ducks and a deer all year. (I might not have that quite right, but you get the idea.)

Hence, things have changed. I wonder if there will ever come a day when we must buy our air and have it piped in, as we do water. There have been many who have gotten sick from bad quality air; some have died.

Since the 50’s the US has done wonders about decreasing smog. China and Russia, not so much. It only gets worse. Even so, we all breath the same air. If we don’t get on China’s case; and Russia’s, we just might have to all walk around with air tanks, no matter what we do to clean up our own air.

Could it be that the dems could have things turned around so badly. Maybe they pursue the wrong people, possibly on purpose.

I wonder just how much a few cubic square feet of high quality air cost.

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