Some of you might remember me visiting the subject of bribes. There are the legal but unethical bribes provided by lobbyists. Then there are the book deals. Some congressman supposedly writes a book and then wholesales it off. The purchaser, picks up the books and then they set in some warehouse. There is no intention of distributing them beyond that. Then, of course, the congressman does what he can to help the one who bought the books.

Maybe it is the other way around. First the favor is done, then the books are sold. Same difference.

Now, Biden put a twist to the book thing. His son sells paintings for half a million. Then, Biden sees to it that whoever bought the books gets treated very well. When the AG was asked about it, he was covered. He doesn’t comment on open investigations.

Let us look at this way. If the AG were honest and had a backbone, Biden’s son would not have tried to sell the paintings. He would have realized it would lead to some time in the big house for both him and his father. To be sure, if he did try to pull off the scam, the charges would already be made. No one would have to ask about the investigation. It would already be as obvious as the big nose on my face.

Bribes are something you get with dishonest people in government. It is why you should not put corrupt people in office. When you do put dishonest people in government, you should not be surprised that paintings that are not worth a dime are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then, naturally, after the paintings are purchased, after the money has changed hands, the paintings are tossed onto a trash heap.

As for the blind sale, it’s bogus. If I were to approach Biden and ask a certain thing and promise a certain painting will be purchased, Biden and his son would not care who purchased the painting or why.

The Bible talks of bribes and it does not speak well of them. They are not new, though some have gotten a little trickier about the way they go about it.

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