A Slick Idea

Currently, if Biden and Kamala were to resign, Pelosi would become president. It means we need to wait until after the 2022 election. Then we elect President Trump as Speaker of the house. (Speakers need not be a representative) This might be difficult being as there are a number of never-Trumpers in the House.

Still, if we can manage it, all that would be required would be to get Biden and Kamala to resign. Then, Trump goes back into the presidency and he starts fixing all the things Joe messed up. Now isn’t that slick. Not only that it would cause the extreme left to start climbing walls.

There are but three problems with the idea. Joe is really good at messing things up and he can do a lot of damage in a year. Second, Joe and Kamala would likely never resign. Third, republicans don’t do things like that.

On the other hand, the FOCs would not hesitate for a second if the situation were reversed. It sort of makes a person wonder why anyone would vote for them. And yet they do. On the other hand, the former president just might make a good speaker.

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