Blatant Lies

As a person, I actually like Jen Psaki. The problem is that she has a problem with the truth. She was asked why the people coming across the border do not need a vaccine shot was because they were only going to be here a while.

This falls into the category of a blatant lie. Indeed it is what I call a two way lie. First, it makes no difference how long they are here. If they are north of the border for five minutes, they can spread the virus… among the other illegal aliens if nothing else. Secondly, they will, in all probability stay north of the border and she knows it. The man she represents has made sure of it. She is insulting our intelligence by saying anything else.

It is not a lie as the result of knowledge. She knows it. We know it. And she knows that we know it. That is why it is blatant by definition. She is not even trying to deceive us. Deceit requires an element of truth.

I guess you can’t blame the poor woman. Look who she is representing. Still, it might be a good idea for her to start looking for a new job. I don’t think the one she has will last all that much longer. Moreover, not many will want to hire a woman who is known for telling blatant lies.

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