Ecclesiastes 9:11

The chapter and verse are easy to remember, the date of the attack on the World Trade center. The meaning of the word, Ecclesiastes is traditionally teacher or probably more accurate, preacher. Being as preachers do teach, it might mean both. Most attribute the book to Solomon. If, after going to heaven, we find out he was not the author, we will be a little surprised.

In the passage of 9:11 and a little beyond, the preacher tells us something a little unusual. He says in many ways that the winner of a contest is not always the one best equipped to win. The swiftest might not win the race. It does not give a reason, but my is guess three fold. First, desire does play an important part in winning any contest. Indeed, even the training is prompted by desire. Second, the swifter just might pull a muscle. It has happened. Third, the faster contestant just might trip or stumble. Even a momentary loss of footing can slow the runner enough to lose the race.

In the passage, the preacher attributes it to chance. Now let’s see. I’m 73. do you really think I stand a chance against a well trained 20 year-old. I don’t think it will happen. Yet, when David slung his stone, he brought down a giant much larger, better armored and better trained then himself. The Bible is full of passages where the Israelite armies overcame armies much greater than their own.

I think we can say, without doubt, God can and does determine the outcome of battles and wars. I do believe that our Revolutionary War is an example, though it is not written in stone. On the other hand, look at how the Jew did battle with those who tried to push them out and into the Med. I mean, that first effort by those Arabs was ridiculous. The Arabs had all the training, all the tanks and planes. On the other hand, the Jews didn’t even speak the same language. If you can’t accept that God had a part in that, you can’t see too well…and I don’t mean with your eyes.

I am not saying that God takes a direct part in all wars, though he always knows and permits the results. Sometimes, as the preacher said, it is coincidence. However, when a small army overcomes a large army, I think we can attribute it to divine intervention, poor training or a matter of desire.

Let’s look at how quickly the Taliban overtook the larger and better equipped Afghan army. I’m not sure, but I don’t think God played a direct role in it. Nether the the Taliban nor the Afghan worship the one true God. I may be wrong. God might have had another reason to intervene, one I don’t see.

However, looking at it from the purely human aspect, I attribute it to desire and training. The Taliban, might not have had the equipment but they did have experience and desire. The Afghans certainly had the equipment, but as soon as the fighting started, they turned and ran. That is lack of desire and training. To some degree, from my own experience, desire is part of training.

I do think it does say something about our generals. As one anchor person said today, while the Taliban were busy overrunning the Afghans, our generals are busy teaching woke-ism. It would appear that we are too busy performing social experiments in our military today to teach fighting. If we don’t stop it, we will look just as bad as the Afghans. Our enemies will be able to walk over us and they will not even need the help of the Almighty…nor coincidence.

The priority of our military should be to train to fight. That means teaching. That means toughening, mentally as well as physically. That means making those who fight for us to be as steel. We should always put our faith in God, but not luck. Coincidences will not always work in our favor, especially if we turn away from God.

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