What Time Is It?

Many have asked the question, “Why did God permit a horrible man such as Hitler to live?” I don’t know the answer but I do know another question, “Why did we as a civilization permit Hitler to live?”

To be sure we knew everything in advance. Had we stopped him before he went into Austria we just might have saved 6 million Jews, not to mention the loss of the lives of who knows how many soldiers and sailors… on both sides. Instead, we believed the lie, “Peace in our time.” We believed it because we wanted to.

The saying, “We have awoken a sleeping giant.” is attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor. To be sure, in a sense, we were sleeping. That is to say, right up until the attack, we not only did not foresee the danger of Japan, but we did business with both Japan and Germany until the day of the attack.

So, on that fateful morning, we awoke. The giant, in every way, turned to war. Then, when the war was over, we went back to sleep…while another giant was approaching our gates. Our slumber was partially disturbed with Korea then Vietnam. But then we turned over and fell back into a sound sleep.

The communists are no longer at our gates but well established well within our businesses, schools and colleges. China is one of our main trading partners. Could it be that we have already overslept. Can it be that they are now unstoppable.

Regardless…it is time to awake. There is not time to set the snooze alarm. I fear we have already snoozed too long. I fear that our grandchildren will not benefit from the freedoms we enjoy. It would appear that no one finds liberty worth fighting for anymore.

If they take over, we have no one to blame but ourselves. They told us in advance just how they would take over and they have mostly stuck to the plan. Anyone who is still awake can easily see it.

Repeatedly, they have tried to convict President Trump of Crimes. It would appear to me the only crime he can be convicted of is slowing down the communist takeover, which has caused the dems not end of irritation. He has given us a chance and we are squandering it while the dems and doing and saying all they can to make hay before someone shuts the door on on them.

I dare say, it is time to awake. It is time to shut the door on them. Our last chance is the 2022 election, which has effectively started. If we don’t act now, the great giant we know as the USA will die it its sleep.

By the way, why isn’t Fauci in prison yet. It would seem the crime of trespassing in the Capitol Building is more important to the Justice Department than the deaths of 500 thousand Americans, of which many are Black and Latino as well as Caucasian.

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