Much has been said in the last decade or so about reparation, right or wrong. I will not try to argue the point one way or the other, just explain some of the complications.

Instantly, if reparations been made right after The Civil War, there would have been at least one problem. Not all blacks were slaves nor were all white southerners slave owners. I can’t remember just what the ratio was but I did see it one day. It seems to me that the quote was one in nine southerners owned slaves. It does seem a bit unfair to make any northerners pay reparation nor the eight out of nine that were just eking out a living, possibly by the labor of their own hands.

Moreover, we would have to find those black men that owned slaves and make them pay. It would only be right. Also, to be sure, there were people in the south that helped the slaves escape. It certainly would not be right to make them pay when they already risked their lives for the sake of slaves. By the way, some of those people did pay the price when they were found out.

There are many things that complicate reparations as time went by. Over the years, the US had enormous immigration. These immigrants had their own problems with bias and mistreatment. It is one reason why many of the police in New York are of Irish descent. Policing was almost the only jobs they could find. Besides, and more important, anyone entering the country after 1865 never had slaves.

My best guess on those stats is that less than 5 percent of those who are white are descendants of slave- owners and it would be difficult me wrong. The problem is identifying them. Finding descendants of slave owners is just almost impossible. Moreover, there are likely many who are mixed. Some may have ancestors from both slave owners and non-slave owners. I would guess the reparations would require determining percentages and make them pay accordingly. That in itself might be quite a trick.

Finally, not all those we call African-Americans or Blacks have ancestors that were slaves. Many have ancestors that immigrated after The Civil War. Do we provide reparations to them too?

The truth is that there is no way that any human or group of humans could determine a fair and equitable way to determine who should pay or who should receive payment for the wrong that has been done, and to be sure, much wrong has been done. (mostly by democrats I might add)

There are but two alternatives. To require all white people to pay to all black people or for no one to pay anyone. One is just as unfair as the other. Besides, just how do we go about determining the amount? This in itself might take years to determine. And after, some would feel wronged from both sides…and they would mostly be right.

One thing I learned early is that life is not fair. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. It is just the way it is.

However, as bad as it was for the ancestors of the Black people, current day Black people do live in the greatest nation in the world. Most of those people are good. A few of them are bad. Yet, each and every one is American at birth. There are people of every nation that would give everything that they have for that, regardless of color.

My own personal opinion is this, that we should all respect one another. Problems begin when we don’t.

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