When I was in high school, I started learning electrics. By the time I was in the 11th grade, I could fix most problems on black and white TVs, which were exclusively tubes. To some degree, I was getting into transistors a little, but they are much less forgiving. You get something wrong with tubes, they were pretty rugged electronically, if not physically. On the other hand, you get things wrong on a transistor for just a fraction of a second and they become useless, though they are much more able to stand the physical stress.

One of the tubes in the old TVs was the cathode ray tube, abbreviated CRT. It was the big one that was also frequently referred to as the picture tube. It was on that tube that the picture was formed. Normally, a black and white picture tube used 15 to 17 thousand volts. The Color tubes required far more, as much as 25 thousand, maybe more.

When I went into the 1970’s most TV’s were converted mostly to transistors. Two components remained vacuum tubes and it appeared to me that they would remain so. I just didn’t see how the two tubes could ever be replaced, certainly, not the CRT. I mean, what in the world could you use to replace the picture tube. Moreover, another tube was used to help develop the high voltages needed for the cathode ray tube.

It shows how much I knew. By the late 1980s I could see how the huge vacuum tube would be replaced by a thin panels of light emitting diodes. Go figure. Nowadays, anyone younger than twenty would never think of a TV as having a CRT. The abbreviation is used for something far worse, Critical Race Theory.

It’s a bunch of baloney, hooey, nonsense, also known as hogwash. When I was going through boot camp, my drill instructor told me everything anyone needs to know about race. He said marines are all one color, green. To this day I believe him.

To this day, I found that some of the best marines I knew were green. Then again, there were others who weren’t quite so good. They were green too. I didn’t know any white marines or black marines. I didn’t meet any brown marines. To me they were all the same color, green.

Now they want to go and mess up all the military services and teach them all that there are white, black and brown men and women in the service of our country. It won’t work. I know. I spent nine years in the Marines. Anything that causes one marine to look at another marine in a different light, as if he is different drives a wedge between them. That drastically decreases their effectiveness in battle. It might even cost the lives of a few green marines. I don’t like that.

As for those generals that are pushing the idea, I have a theory about them. Peacetime breeds bad generals. Lincoln found that out. He went through several generals before he found Grant. Ike was a lieutenant colonel at the outbreak of WWII. By the time it was over, he had five stars on each of his shoulder.

The reason for this is simple. Peacetime generals know how to politic. Wartime generals know how to fight wars.

Also, dividing a people is a good way to to concur them. You ever hear of “divide and concur.” It is a common method of the communist. It is no secret. It is in many of their publications.

I heard Fauci might be investigated. Still my question is what is taking so long? Why isn’t he in the big house already?

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