Fear the Power

Unlike most folks, I actually listened to President Trump’s speech, the one that supposedly incited a riot. Sorry folks. It wasn’t there. In fact the opposite is true. He specifically told them to demonstrate peaceably. I have no idea where the media and the dems got the idea that he encouraged them to riot.

Then I thought it over, that is the whole situation. What if President Trump actually told them to riot. What if he told them to go in and tear things up? Conceivably, he might even tell them to set fire and ransack all the offices of the dems. Is it possible that they would have actually done it?

I’m not talking 50 or 60 people. I’m talking tens-of-thousands. The damage would be far greater. The riot would have lasted far longer. The restoration would likely take a decade.

Don’t get me wrong. I would never suggest such a thing and I’m sure the president wouldn’t either. The dems don’t seem to mind a little fire here and there. They would cheer at a few innocent bystanders getting hurt. They might even love the damage that could be done to all a the seats on the floor, that is if it could all be blamed on the president. The president, on the other hand would be horrified at the possibility, no matter who was behind it.

Nonetheless, the dems do seem to think that President Trump has some unseen power. He could just wave his hand say, “Go to it,” and stand back and watch. I don’t know. Maybe he does have such power. Maybe he could call out how bad that they treated him throughout his presidency. Maybe he could tell the crowd just how the election was stolen from them.

If that is true, and bear in mind, it is just a speculation. If it is true that he does have such power, just maybe the dems should have a little more fear for the man. Can you imagine if he decided to go after Pelosi. He’d hardly have to raise his voice and she’d be no more.

All right. I’m getting a little over the edge now. I am getting almost as bad as the dems that like to go around carrying the likeness of the president’s head. I am almost as bad as that actress that suggested blowing up the White House.

Still, you dems who claim the president is so powerful, you just might want to sleep with one eye open. It might not hurt to keep a half dozen armed guards around too. You just might want to fear the power.

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