Why the Dems Won in Georgia?

I noticed a headline. It asked the question as to why the dems won the senate runoff elections. I didn’t read the article. I saw no sense to it. I already know. They had tons of money and they cheated.

I consider it poor manners for people to use their money to influence Mississippi with New York money. I know it is legal but there are many things that are legal that are wrong. The way I look at it, it is none of New York’s business who we vote for to represent us.

I only use this as an example. In the case of Georgia, more money was spent from outside the state than inside the state, on both sides. Moreover, there were dozens of politicians that came in from outside the state. That is a bad practice. None of their business who the Georgians vote for, or at least it should be.

Because the vote effected the national outcome, everyone decided it was okay to come in and voice their opinion. I guess it did benefit Georgia in one respect. That money came flowing into Georgia by the millions. It had to benefit someone of the locals.

Still, I can’t help but remember a governor race we had in Mississippi. There was a talk show host in Memphis who decided he did not like the republican nominee. Every day, the man harped on how bad the republican was. Guess what? We ended up with a democrat governor, one of the worst that I know of.

The talk show host was a conservative. Generally, he had a good point of view, but in this case, he should have kept his mouth shut. I will never know what affect the man had on the election. Had he put a zipper on it, we might have still ended up with the dem in the governor’s house. Thing is, we’ll never know. By the way, The Georgians will never know who would have won without the tons of money coming down from the north.

The fella that wrote the article I didn’t read, if he’s not from Georgia, I think the Georgians would Prefer he wrote about something he knew. If he’s from New York, maybe he should help straighten out the mess they have up there.

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