Revenge for What?

The dems, after four solid years of badgering President Trump have apparently gotten their revenge. However, it does prompt the question, “For what?”

It is obvious that the dems have sought revenge from the time Trump became President Trump, and a little before. They have been figuratively after his head for some reason; I just don’t know what.

Is it because of all the people, especially minorities that he provided jobs for. Is it because of the far better national security he has provided. Are they upset because he brought life back to rust-belt and the mining regions. Maybe they don’t like the lower prices for gasoline. Surely it wasn’t because of the fantastic economy. Indeed, had in not been for the virus blindsiding the country, and the entire world, the Dow would likely be pushing 35,000. Were they upset that people like me were making so much money off our 401k’s

I don’t know.

They claimed he lied. Yet, to the best of my knowledge he fulfilled his pre-election promises better than any president I ever saw. (and I have been around a while or two) perhaps that is why they didn’t like him. All of us Walmart shoppers were moving up in the world.

Oh! I Know why! It is simple. He did so well that it made the dems inept. In fact, he even made many republicans look bad. And by the way, in spite of the badgering and lack of cooperation, he actually did the one thing that will slow the flood over the border. He built a wall.

While everyone else, on both sides of the isle promised comprehensive immigration reform, Trump promised a wall. In as much as any man can, he succeeded. More important, he brought illegal immigration to a virtual halt.

By the way, had he not stopped the flow, far more US citizens would have suffered and died from the virus. One out of five trying to come north were infected with virus. And the dems claimed that he did nothing to control the virus. The truth is that they did nothing to stop it. In fact, if we had done as Biden suggested, it would have been close to twice as bad.

And for this the dems demanded vengeance. It is not by mere coincidence that the states that have the worst problems with the virus are those run by the dems. I won’t go so far as to suggest that the dems did it on purpose to give them something to hold against President Trump. However, I would not be surprised if someone provided me positive proof. Let’s face it. All that they did made it worse.

Florida had less than half the problem, even though they had a bigger and older population. Think about it. Florida had a republican governor. I don’t know about the governor of New York. It is conceivable the dems will disown him after the damage he did to New York. Florida is well on the way to recovery. I’m not sure New York has hit bottom yet. It might take decades for New York to recover. It is only by chance that the census was before the virus. Had it been after, New York just might have lost 1 or 2 more representatives than they did. New York has lost millions. They will raise taxes in an effort to recover, driving even more south.

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