If I Only Knew

If I Only Knew

How many times have we heard, “If I only knew.”  I’m sure you have used the partial phrase a time or four… maybe even a few times more.  I know I’ve used the phrase at least a dozen times- before I reached adulthood.  I’ve used it a few times more since then.

To be sure we all would benefit from being able to see into the future.  I guess the one thing that would have affected me the most was the knowledge of my allergies.  Had I known that my allergies were as bad as they are, I could have avoided going into the military.  More than that, had they known, they would not have accepted me.

So, if my draft status was something less than 1-A, I likely would have gotten a job in an electronics company as an electronic technician and maybe finished college.  That might seem like a small thing, but there were so many things that it would have changed in my life.

I just might still be living in southern California and going to the beach on weekends.  I would have made far more money and I likely would not have traveled so much.  I would have never learned how to shoot an M-14 and I would have never learned what it was like to have mortar rounds come in on us at Da Nang nightly.

I would have never walked one day of guard duty and I would have never met many fine men.  The list of things it would have altered even boggles my mind.

I knew it seemed I had many colds compared to others, but I never figured it was allergies.  Then a few years after I left the Corps, I went to see an allergist.  He said he never saw anyone who as allergic as me.  And here I sit in one of the worst places in this country for folks with allergies.

Oh well.  It only bothers me during spring and fall.  The rest of the time I’m fine.  I would really be better off if I worked at sea, no pollen.  The problem with that is that I don’t like the idea of being away from land for weeks at a time.  Worse, I am a poor swimmer.

At any rate, I got to thinking what it would be like if our officials knew things in advance.  If President Trump knew that that virus was going to come out of China, he could have sealed the borders far sooner and we would not have lost as many people to the pandemic.  By the way, there would have still been a pandemic but the US would not have participated.  And, by the way, the democrats would have still called him xenophobic.

Every day, the news would be full of accusations of the horrid things that President Trump had done.  Instead of holding him up as a hero, the media would be full of remarks of how horrible a monster he is.

Maybe the first President Bush would have benefited from foresight too.  He could have had a few dozen B-52s lined up and ready to drop bombs on the Iraqi army the instant they stepped foot into Kuwait, the bombs would have rained down on them so hard they would turn tail and head north again.

We likely would not have lost one American life.  None of our soldiers would have won any medals.  It would have cost far fewer dollars.  And, by the way, the Iraqis losses would have been fewer too.  It all would have been over in hours, no more than a day.  There would not have been a need to send in troops and there would have been no need to set up the no-fly zones.

It is true that a horrible man would still rule Iraq, but that could be managed without destroying the country.  Let’s face it, in a way; Iraq is worse off today than when we arrived.  That should not do things that way.

I like to think most of those abusing drugs would benefit from seeing into the future.  If they were to see the damage that the drugs would do to their lives and the lives of their loved ones, just maybe they would not take that first drink.  Maybe they wouldn’t smoke that first marijuana joint.  Maybe they would take that first dose of cocaine or heroin.

I like to think that but I might be wrong.  Some people don’t care about the damage.  They are simply drawn to the poison without regard for themselves or others.  After all, they are forewarned and still travel that path to destruction.  All the while, they say they can stop any time they want.  The problem is that after a while, they never want to give it up.  Their whole outlook on life changes.  Nothing but nothing is more important than that drug, regardless of which one it is.

By the way, of all the drugs, I’m told the worst is alcohol.  Yet it is the one poison encouraged at office parties.  Then when a person becomes dependant on it, they are fired and classified as useless to society.

The military is the worst.  I really respect Chester Puller, Marine hero, but he honestly suggested beer machines in every barracks.  Maybe that is a good idea, but if he could see the future, I suspect he would have never made the suggestion.

Every year, alcoholism costs the military more than all the drugs combined.  It ends the career of many men who would otherwise be good marines.  Instead, they are discharged with other than honorable conditions.  Then, the rest of their lives are ruined.

I suspect people wonder why I am so dead set against drugs.  After all, it is a decision that we all make for ourselves.  It is a decision that we live with one way or the other.

The problem is that drugs take the decision away from us.  It is one of Satan’s primary weapons.  People who are under the control of drugs can’t make important decisions.  The one most important decision, to accept Jesus as Savior, is never made.  And so, because of the drug, people spend eternity in hell.  Actually, it is not because of the drug but because of the decision to reject Jesus.

When a person dies without Jesus, it is not just the rest of their life.  We are talking about eternity.  Many make light of it by saying such things as, “See you in hell.” but it is the most important decision a person can make.

So please, think it over a little before you encourage others to partake in your habit.  You aren’t just ruining the other person’s life but his eternity as well.  (And you will pay for misleading others.)

If you could see the future, you would know.  God knows the future and he has told you.  If you ignore him and chose hell, you have no one else to blame.  Then, you will spend eternity thinking, “If I only knew.”

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