Against and For

The two questions and answers of the dummycrats:

What are you against?   Trump.

What are you for?          Free everything.

Surely, you don’t want to get everything free from the government.  First, you would think very little of yourself, living off the dole.  Second, the government would have total control over you.  You would become a servant to those who are in charge of the government.

It is the old statement.  Those who will give up liberty for security will have neither.

The truth is that the dummycrats seek control; and those they want to control are you.  In the end, the elite will get the best of the healthcare, the best food and lodgings.  They will tell others what to do.  They will get the cars and planes.  The ones that are controlled, they will get little or nothing.   …but it will be free, if you don’t want to include the taxes that are paid.

It is the pattern throughout history.  There have always been those who seek power and wealth.  It is the reason for wars and it is the reason why politicians take and give bribes.  It is the reason the governments seek exorbitant taxes.  Oddly, it is the reason they encourage gambling.  They know it will provide them with another source of money.  With the money, comes more power.

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