How Quickly They Fail

I was 5 the first time I saw a Sears store. It was also the first time I saw an escalator. Wow. Both were very impressive. The store was huge and it had moving stairs. I would have had a blast just riding the things up and down. I was totally impressed how the stairs all flattened and disappeared under floor.

I knew they had to go somewhere, but, to me it didn’t make any sense.

The store was in San Diego but I have seen many since. Not sure but I think it was in Chicago that the company built a huge building, which oddly, they called Sears Tower, I think.

When I first moved to Memphis, Sears had a big presence. Besides many large retail stores, they also had one of the biggest buildings in town. It’s a shame that it’s sat vacant for I don’t know how many years.

Sears is a small shell of what it was. I hate that. I did a lot of shopping there. My wife loved to do a lot of looking. We had a Sears credit card we used a lot.

However, one day the stores just started closing down. At first, it was one by one, then in bunches. I think there are but 2 or 3 retail stores in Memphis. They were on the brink of completely disappearing.

They weren’t alone in this. I’m not sure, but I can’t find a Woolworth’s anywhere. I think Montgomery Wards have pretty much disappeared from the landscape.

Let me explain. These used to be huge retailers. If there are any left, you must search for them.

Now we have Disney. They have parks all over the world. Everyone is convinced that they are here to stay.

If God desides, they will be no more than a memory in a decade. Givem the attitudes they have toward God, Jesus, the Christians and themselves, it would not surprise me. It would be a shame to destroy the man Disney’s memory like that. However, I would certainly understand it.

I’m not a prophet. Evev so, I am so tempted…. It does make me wonder what would replace it all. Would Disney World return to swamp or would someone turn it into housing projects? What would become of Disneyland and the surrounding hotels and restaurants? Just who would buy up Disney studios? Perhaps, for IRONY, a Christian company would buy them and make truly family friendly movies again, as Disney did. Perhaps he could make Christian oriented movies. One can hope.

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