Just heard on a CBS report that homosexuals will have restrictions on giving blood.

I suspect there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of families that wish that happened, oh, in the 70s.

Maybe it’s about time to change some of the other politically correct rules and laws too. Just maybe it’s 40 years late for that too.

Then again, what do a few thousand lives mean? Truly what gain did they cause our society? On the other hand, what, who have we lost?

As I said before, dems have no respect for human lives. All they care about is taking control. Indeed, if it served their purpose, they would not hesitate in driving the figurative bus right over the homosexuals, or anyone else if it served their purposes. Indeed, even today, they are using Planned Parenthood to hold down Black population. (Look up origin of Family Planning)

AIDS and birth control and open borders, individually, have killed more than all gun killings, I suspect in the last 5 decades.

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