Socialists Kill

There are several forms of socialism. Central and South America have had a number of socialists leaders. Cuba had and has had a socialists leaders. Germany had a socialist leader who called himself a nazi. (Nazi is a form of socialistism.)

The Soviet Union had socialists leaders. China has had socialist leaders. AND, AND, they all have and had two things in common. They killed and they kill without hesitation. Hitler is known for killing his 6 million. Stalin and Lenin each killed over twice that. I don’t know how many Mao killed, but I suspect he holds the record.

There are more, many more. If they are socialists, they kill or they stand aside as others kill. Obama abandoned Iraq and, without conscience, permitted over a million to be killed. We all know about Afghanistan and Biden’s horrid disaster. There are still those who were abandoned. As we all know, there are unknown numbers left by Biden to die.

The truth is that it all started with Darwin and his idea that we evolved rather than being created. Hence, we are all soulless. Other than intelligence and civilization, we are no better than a chimp. He also came up with the concept of “survival of the fitist.”

That, of course makes us all mere struggling animals, which removes any moral barrier to harm or killing, if you can get away with it. It is a concept dispersed world wide now. It has become especially popular after the Scopex trial, making it legal to teach Darwinism. Suddenly the US was no longer a nation of people, but intelligent animals who can communicate through speech and writing.

Then Marx decided he was an expert on humanity. It was something of a combination of Darwin and scopes. Suddenly, we were nothing but a bunch of animals to be managed by a highly intelligent government. If people died by the millions, it was simply a way to reduce the world population.

Hitler and Stalin saw it as a fantastic opportunity to set up a personal dictatorships. They both saw it as a chance to take over the world under the lie of establishing a utopia for the poor and the mistreated.

The fact was that it was nothing but a ruse. They had no desire set up a utopia. All they wanted was what all dictators want, absolute control,,, as with the Pharoahs, as with tsars, and as with Ceasars. They all wanted to be kings and make all us their servants.

Regardless of the terminology, they wanted to be dictators and they want us to be the servants. Moreover, they don’t care how many of us angry animals lose our lives in their undertaking, or, would it be more appropriate to use the term, overtaking.

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