Foolish Me!

Foolish me. I always thought it was black mail to threaten to reveal something unless the victim pays the black mailer something of value. I guess not.

Foolish me, I thought black mailers were supposed to be imprisoned. I thought it was known legally as extortion. I guess not.

Two known extortionists (black mailers) have never been charged. They have never been arrested for it. They have never been indicted.

On the other hand, their victim was. I suspect that as long as the dems have their way, they are immune to the charges.

It sort-of discourages Republicans from running for office. Most don’t have the money with which to fight the extortionists and no-good prosecutors too, not to mention the time and reputations involved. Something tells me that it’s exactly the way the dems want it. Me thinks it’s the plan of the dirty, low-down controllers.

In a sense, the prosecutor said as much during his campaign. It’s not surprise he got it all upside-down.

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