The Problem With Ignorance

As I look around, I concluded that there are about 6 or 7 reasons that people never accept the gift of salvation. Pride has to be right up there. In truth, there are 2 or 3 ways that pride can figure into it.

Another frequent reason is the “I don’t wanna give up the wine, women and wild life,” idea. Of course, eventually, they all do. They have no choice.

Then there’s the useless idea. “God would never want someone so horrible as me.” The truth is that none of us is worthy. If God only accepted good people, heaven would be completely empty of people.

And then there are the procrastinators like me. There are many reasons to put off being saved. I know. I used many of them. By the way, I still put things off. I am inherently lazy and very good at inventing excuses.

Still, the biggest reason people don’t accept Jesus Christ as their savior is is ignorance. Indeed, in a way ignorance is behind all the reasons in some way.

Nonetheless, what I’d like to address here is the direct ignorance. Some have never heard about Jesus. Many have put there faith in false gods and false religions.

When I say this, many think I am just referring to those outside the USA. The truth is that there millions in this country who don’t know the plan of salvation.

Strange as it might seem, many go to a church regularly. Some never miss a Sunday and yet they will never see The Kingdom of God.

Now hold on folks. This might really surprise you. Many of clergy are ignorant of the plan of salvation. They might have a doctorate in theology. They might even know the Bible backwards and forward and still not be born into the Kingdom of God.

Worse yet, some of these people ignorantly spread lies. Oddly, this is sometimes because of of pride and ignorance.

Certainly, we should be careful of preachers full of themselves. But also we should verify clergy before following them. We should also verify what they teach. If it is in error, find another.

If he says you can go to heaven by being good, he is teaching error. If he says we can only earn God’s love by following The Ten Commandments, he is teaching error. If he says you must tithe to go to heaven, he is wrong. If he says you must belong to his church or you will spend eternity in hell, he is either lying or hasn’t a clue.

Salvation is a gift; gifts are not earned. Those who are ignorant think they can earn the greatest gift ever. Thinking you can earn your salvation is more than ignorant. It pure pride.

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