As i switched from one channel to another, I landed briefly on a channel showing men in search of gold in the country of Australia. Partially through a narator they fussed because it rained. They said that they couldn’t search for gold while the dirt was wet.

I shook my head at the irony. Without the water brought by the rain, they’d be hard pressed to search for gold. It is with water that they separate the gold from the dirt.

Don’t get me wrong. Gold is used for more than looks. The fact that it resists corrosion makes it very useful in many industries.

However, let’s put it in proper perspective. If God removed all gold from this earth, it would cause problems, some which would be serious. On the other hand, if God were to withhold His rains for a month, it would start causing serious problems.

If the rains ceased for a year, people would die by the millions. If it stopped raining for a decade, the only life left on the planet would be a few doomsday preppers, maybe. And, by the way, they’d not have much to look forward to.

As a side note, there would be a big push on desalination plants. Few, if any would have any interest in that yellow metal. Water is what men would seek. It would not be to look at but to survive.

I know those gold hunters make their living finding gold; but I would hope they will remember to keep their perspectives.

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