My Little Wish

I have seen, perhaps dozens of movies based, shall I say loosely on the Bible. Some were by Hollywood producers, some by so-called Christian organizations.

The one thing I can honestly say about every one of them is that they are not accurate. It is so disappointing. It is so frustrating. I don’t know why but they never get it right.

Then, those who see the movies and don’t read the Bible believe the lies. Sometimes these lies stand in the way of salvation. Yet, those who make those movies pride themselves on what they and those who help them promote.

So it is that my one little wish is that someone, someday actually gets one of the movies right.

Until then, might I suggest you read the Bible. Until then, don’t put much faith on movies getting it right. Salvation is not something to trust to Hollywood. Indeed, the vast numbers of those in Hollywood pride themselves in their unbelief. Many of them mock the book on which the movies are based.

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