Antenna Frustration!

A short time after returning from Vietnam, one of the F4 UHF antennas had a chip in it, which required its replacement. One of my men asked if he could have the old one that would normally be filed in the circular file.

I figured it would be okay but I checked with the maintenance officer, a major anyway. When he gave it the okay the PFC put the antenna on his old car.

It simply seemed illogical being as the antenna was much shorter than a standard antenna. However, he said it worked better than the antenna that came with the car. Not only that, but the little 9 inch fin antenna looked pretty cool.

I went out and paid $40 for sorry excuse of an antenna that sort of works when it wants to. I just returned from Best Buy where I found but 2 antennas. One cost $100, the other 150 and, of course, there were no guarantees that either would be better than I had.

The question came to mind, would the government be willing to sell me an old F4 UHF antenna. Who knows? It just might work.

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