Apologies to Kobalt

I had been putting off cutting the rest of a large branch that fell in my back yard. I can think of a dozen reasons to put it off. Wait for it to cool off a little, wait for the wood to dry making lighter and easier to cut, etc. The truth was some laziness and some fear. I was afraid that big thing would fall on me and leave my wife on her own.

A guy came by and offered to do it for $150 so I let him and his partner have at it. Borrowing my Kobalt battery powered chainsaw an expert went to work. 15 minutes later the 800+ pounds of wood lie in 4 foot pieces at the curb.

However , if I needed to do much more work, it would have to wait for a battery recharge.

As an aside, later I mentioned to my wife that I was tired. She replied, I don’t see why. You haven’t done anything. I said I did too. I watched a man make firewood out of a big branch. That is exhausting you know.

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