One Woman Died

I just heard a report that one woman died. What is the significance? It happens all the time. I’m not aware of the stats. She is likely one of thousands.

Well, she was diabetic. She was confined to a wheelchair. Still, what was it that caused her to make the news? Why should we take note of her? I doubt Joe knows of her. If he does, I doubt he cares. I mean, he has caused the death of many so she is just another statistic.

It seems she was headed north…to the U.S. border likely in search of the American dream.

Why was she so determined? Maybe I should say desperate. I can only guess. Maybe if we asked her relatives and friends, they would tell us, “She heard ‘Uncle’ Joe opened the border.” Maybe she wanted to join relatives.

One thing we do know. If the border was closed and she knew it, she very likely would not have started the trip and hence she would still be alive.

Then too, Joe would have a difficult time understanding why she undertook the journey, anyway. After all, according to him, this is a horrible country, especially for non-whites. On the other hand, the woman, a Venezuelan, risked her life to leave her communist-run-


It is a fact that people risk their lives to leave the idealism of socialism and enter the land of capitalism. It is a concept Joe and his friends just don’t comprehend. They don’t want to believe that they are changing things for the worse. They want to turn The United States of America into The United States of Socialism and they don’t known why people like Trump and me are trying to stop them.

If he could have asked that poor women, maybe she could have explained it. On the other hand, maybe he already knows. I suspect he doesn’t care.

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