The Flaw in the Logic

The PSA announced that a third of fatal auto accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

To be sure, one needs to take care not to draw the wrong conclusion from this statistic. After all, that does mean that 2 thirds of all fatal accidents are caused by drivers who are sober. Hence, we need to keep those sober drivers off the road.

I would hope I don’t need to explain the giant hole in that piece of logic.

Yet, there is another piece of logic with a far worse piece of logic that totally unerwhelmes me. We are told by the abortion lovers that the vast number of Americans prefer the right to kill babies. Yet they are afraid to let the decision to fall back into the hands of the elected. It would seem that those who claim the majority are afraid it will be voted down.

Actually, it has been voted down at least three times I know of.

The abortion lovers have overlooked 2 things. 1st, abortion, especially on demand, especially as a means birth control, is wrong and they know it. Worse, they do not like it when they are reminded of it, just as the drunk drivers don’t like to be reminded of the deaths they caused.

2nd , they don’t want anything to get in the way of their fortunes and their power.

Also, to a lesser degree, it is a way to decrease the minority population, especially the African Americans. It is a carry over from the days of Margaret Sanger.

Just as driving drunk is wrong, so is killing defenseless babies. Some people just don’t like being reminded of it. Certainly the abortionist, himself would never want to be faced with the fact that he is actually a mass murderer.

It is the characteristic of a sinner. The last thing he wants is to be confronted with his sin. And so it is that he twists the logic into knots almost as bad as the example with which I began.

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