Aiding and Abetting Whom?

We call Benedict Arnold bad and we should. The character aided the British whilst our nation was fighting for our existence.

On the other hand, Joe is assisting Putin by keeping the price of oil up. He is assisting China by encouraging trade. Indeed, one of China’s biggest imports is poison, AKA fentenyl. (In my book, that, alone earns him and his cohorts prison time.) Then there is assistance he is providing Iran. Once those guys get the bomb, they’ll be able to get everyone’s attention.

To a lesser degree, he has helped Cuba and is currently arranging to buy oil from Venezuela. That will be little help to the Venezuelans, but it will do wonders for the dictator.

I guess this means that we will soon owe Arnold an apology. My guess is the turncoat-in-chief, as well as his friends, will never spend so much as a day in prison. After all, he does have a D after his name.

(Oh yes! How can I forget all the help he provided for all those terrorists when he abandoned Afghanistan? )

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