Equivalence ?

In the last part of 8th grade math, I began learning about algebra. I learned about expressions and factors. I learned about constants, variables and rules on how to work with it all. Finally, I learned about equations.

On 9/11, along with unknown other millions, I saw two big jet planes fly into two huge buildings. After, while still watching, I could hear faint thuds coming from the TV. In a while they explained that it was the sound of people hitting the ground. They jumped knowing they would die. They preferred it over the fire.

A short time later, I saw those buildings collapse.

Now, Kamala wants us to put an equal sign between 9/11 and 1/6, the break in of Capital Building. No equal sign should ever be between the two events. Anyone trying to assign such an equivalence needs her head examined.

Let me correct that. There’s no need for an examination. She is already certifiable. I think most of us are well aware of it.

By the way, as usual, I have a side note. It would seem Nancy Pelosi wants to investigate 1/6, just not too closely. Certainly not her part in securing the premises. She did not want the security and certainly doesn’t want it becoming common knowledge. Could it be that she expected it. If so, she must have been behind it. Just a wild guess. Yet, who can prove me wrong? Nancy won’t release the documents that would prove me wrong.

Moreover, Nancy and her cohorts have taken maximum advantage of the entire thing.

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