All Right So Far!

Let me pass on a word of wisdom. You should not always judge things by your current circumstances. Sometimes things change. Mostly things change: sometimes for the better, frequently for the worse. I guess, to some degree, the Marines made a skeptic of me. It seemed every bad rumor came true while the good ones vaporized into… well they disappeared.

It reminds me of the optimist who fell from a 40 story building. It seems that he was head to say as he passed each floor, “I’m all right so far!” Well, circumstances were likely going to change for that optimist, and soon. It does not take long to fall 40 stories.

And so it is in life. The atheist is heard to say, “There is no God. Moreover, you see what I do and I never receive a punishment. Look around at all that goes on. Would a righteous God permit this?” He thinks in the present. At his birthday each year he is heard to say, “All right so far!”

The fall for that optimist is short. The life for that atheist is also short. Things will change and possibly sooner than he thinks. That fall from that roof is predictable. Life is not. Any day, life can bring death for any of us. If the atheist is wrong, his death is only the beginning of his pain. It might be a good reason to take another look at your theories on God and his promises and warnings.

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