Get a Horse!

I guess I was in high school when I first heard the saying, maybe a little before. I was never really told what it means but I would guess it was a suggestion to replace the old unreliable jelopy with an old reliable horse.

These days the advice just might be more serious as well as more sound. Consider my situation. I have a fairly large yard, when considering front and back. The horse just might be able to live off my lawn. I don’t think I would need to buy much hay. Moreover, it is just a short distance to most of what I need.

Besides, I can get just about anything delivered to my front door. If I should need a car, one is just a phone call away. For the short trips, the horse would do. The hitch, if you’ll excuse my poor play on words, is that I don’t think they will let me keep a horse. They likely have ordances against such things, even I claim it’s a pet.

Things have changed. A hundred years ago,no problems. Come to think of it, I don’t think they will let a horse and buggy on the roads around here. Maybe I need to move.

The point is, if Biden has his way, a bunch of us will be getting horses. Incidentally, we will likely start cutting down trees too, to put in the wood stove that will replace our natural gas furnaces.

While Biden wants to go to solar batteries and wind mills, he just might drive us back into the Middle Ages. Then again, that just might be what he wants.

I’ll let you guess why. I will drop 1 hint. It would make it really easy for many countries, such as China or Russia to march in here and turn us into a colony.

Irregardless, as they like to say around these parts, I think I would like a pet house or two. I wonder if it would do any good to have a talk with the mayor.

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