I’m Not an Expert but…

How many times have you heard the words?

Well, with your permission, I will use them one more time. I would suspect that the vast number of people out there in the US are not yet fully aware of all the ships sitting outside the port of L. A. and Long Beach, but it is now approaching 200.

For those unaware, the owners of those freighters don’t like to see them sitting still. While they sit in dock, they are not making their owners any money. Moreover, they continue to need crew and maintenance. Worse yet, while they sit anchored offshore, they need to generate power, perhaps by auxiliary power, I don’t know. They have to maintain at least a skeleton crew. They need food and water and they need to process waste. All this in spite of the fact the ship is just sitting there.

Then too, the ship is likely insured, the payload as well as the ship itself. Whoa to the ship owner who should miss an insurance payment with millions of dollars worth of cargo on board.

To be sure, anyone who owns a twenty foot fishing boat will tell you that it cost money to maintain the boat, even if it sits in the driveway. I can’t imagine what it costs to maintain a ship approaching a thousand feet. Then we multiply that unknown number but the hundreds and we have the costs of what Biden is costing those those owners.

You know something else. I am no expert, but I would guess that Biden and his crew of experts have no idea either. Moreover, I would suspect they don’t care.

However, here is one more fact I know. I need not be an expert to figure it out. In the end, it will not be the owners who pay that fortune, but we the people who buy the goods that come off those ships. Once again, I don’t think Biden cares about that either. All he cares about is global warming.

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